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Collective Goods

Collective Goods is a kit to start informal goods sharing service that facilitates increased positive interactions between neighbors within a residential building at in Stuyvesant Town and Cooper Peter Village in New York City.

The project was developed in partnership with SolarOne.orgin response to the design brief of "designing a service system that would help building community resilience."  

Getting to know your neighbors means building the social capacity of the community, and community resilience is one of the most important strategies for mitigating the impacts of potentially devastating events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes.

The kit was designed with and for Stuyvesant Town and Cooper Peter Village in New York City.  In order to think about resilience from the community level,  we asked participants to virtually bring their neighbors to the workshops. We all had two name tags (one for ourselves and one for our neighbors), and as an introduction, we each told a short story about our neighbors. The intention was to remind people that we are thinking about resilience in a collective way.





























































Team: Alyssa Dale, Britany Fowle, Jack Goddu, and Judy Lee.       Special Contributor: Cheng-Yu Lo 

Special thanks to: Elliott P. Montgomery for the guidance and support.

Partnership: Solar One

Role: Context research, user research, workshop planning, concept development, graphic design, kit design and documentation.

Time: 3 months (Spring 2013)

* The project was presented at the Beyond Resilience Conference, held at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, on June 8, 2013.