Foot Seat 1.0

Often times students at the MFA Products of Design program sit at their desk for a long periods of time. Foot Seat 1.0 is for those hardworking students who are constantly under stress and need a moment to take off shoes and relax their feet and legs without leaving their desk.

The action of taking off shoes in not only a physical process but also a mentally active process that leaves the body relaxed, calm and focused.

Foot Seat 1.0 is designed with a U-shape to be attached to a pipe structure under students' desks, which is underutilized most the time. It slides in and hooks on to a T-pipe clamp.

The bottom base is made out of pinewood, and the top removable panel is made out of pinewood with faux suede cushion on top. The tilt when attached to the pipes invites students to rest their feet at a comfortable angle.




Special thanks to: Sinclair Scott Smith for the guidance and support.

Time: 5 weeks (Fall 2014)