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It is a one-man play at the Playroom theater (August 30th – September 23rd, 2012), written and performed by Steven Strafford, directed by Adam Fitzgerald. The set design by David L Arsenault.

The play takes place in Stanford’s one-room appartment in New York City. Stranfford weaves together songs and hilarious harrowing stories of his three year run as a crystal meth addict in Chicago. Music direction by Grammy and two-time Emmy Award winner, John McDaniel. Facts of life reference is a roller coaster ride that touches people.

As set designer assistant, Natsuki helped constructing the set in three days. The floor is painted using diluted paint and a black sharpie to look like an New York City apartment's wooden floor. This is a cheap and fast method method that Natsuki learned working in theatrical scenery construction.  

After the show, she put together a press kit. The press kit includes many interesting quotes from the theater critics and general information about the show.



Role: Set designer assistant, press kit design.

*Photographs by Kevin Thomas Garcia.

Duration: One month (2012)