Brilliant Traces

The play is a revival of Cindy Lou Johnson’s 1989 play at the ArcLight theater, performed by Erica Linderman and William W. Warren, directed by Adam Fitzgerald. The set design is by David L Arsenault.

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The play takes place at a remote cabin in the wilds of Alaska. Henry Harry lives alone in the middle of nowhere in Alaska until the runaway bride, Rosannah, knocks his door during a snow storm. Forced to communicate with each other, awkward conversations between the two characters is a brilliant examination of the wounded human spirit.

Erica Linderman & William Warren in Brilliant Traces Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia.jpg
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As a set designer assistant and stage prop manager, I helped constructing the set and managed the stage props at backstage during the show period.

Role: Set designer assistant and stage prop manager.           

*Photographs by Kevin Thomas Garcia.

Time: One month (2011)