Native Centerpieces

The design of the centerpieces addresses the beauty found in our local environment in New York and its inhabitants.

Bee, Butterfly, Cicada, Dragonfly, and Grasshopper to represent three different ecosystems - wetland, plains, and forest. All the insects are native to New York, and they each play a critical role in our ecosystems.

For example, dragonflies are important predators that eat mosquitoes, and other small insects, and they serve as excellent water quality watchdogs.

Grasshoppers can eat plants that are toxic to farm animals, and they constantly leave droppings behind in the ground full nutrient for the soil and vegetation.

The young cicadas that live underground allow tree roots to access water and nutrients more easily, and adult cicada is a good food source for birds.

And around 60% of bees native to New York are digger, solitary bees, and they pollinate flowers and crops more than anything we can imagine.

Because each tree branches are different, we are able to create an unique centerpiece for each table with a description card that tells a story about each habitat.
































Team:  Emily Moss, Joseph Gonzalez, Mary Chimenti, Naleh Park, Samuel Falco, Steven Huang, Tatiana Cantarovich, and Y'liska Johnson.

Role: Project manager

Time: 2 months (Fall 2013)

*The project was commissioned by Elizabeth Rose Consulting, LLC. for Global Green's annual gala.