Parallel Times

As part of Wanted Design Brooklyn 2016, (a part of NYCxDesign Global Design celebration), the students from MFA Products of Design program at School of Visual Arts showcased artifacts from a part of their thesis projects.

20 projects were developed through the varied lenses of extrapolated futures. Guided by Sinclair Smith in the Product Futuring class, students envisioned a world to reach for or avoid related to their thesis topics. Newspaper advertisements and handheld accessories were constructed as a way to express these utopian or dystopian future. They then looked backwards in time to design products for the here-and-now.


For the exhibition, Natsuki worked with Sinclair Smith, Marianna Mezhibovskaya, Eden Lew, Jon Lung and Souvik Paul to design and build their exhibition. Natsuki and Eden focused on graphic treatments of the show and giveaway object.  Instead of making a generic catalog, they designed a take away newspaper detailing the speculative journey in developing products for the future and present.

wantedxnyc (9 of 11)_2x.jpg

Team: Marianna Mezhibovskaya, Eden Lew, Jon Lung, Souvik Paul

Special thanks to: Sinclair Scott Smith for the guidance and support.