In order to encourage the public to use more methods of public transit, the team designed WeSwarm, a connected app to provide an interactive experience when riding city transit. WeSwarm functions as an application for smart devices, integrated with a web platform, that helps users make informed transportation choices, network with other travelers, and engage in fun, competitive riding to motivate new mobility practices.  It enables individual users to navigate multi-model transportation options seamlessly and helps communities of users develop site-specific, user-generated transit hubs that extend the reach, usability and quality of existing transit infrastructure. User data would also be collected to inform the city transit operators of the gaps in accessibility of underserved areas.

The project was developed in response to the design brief of "imaginining sustainable energy practices in 2050" given by EDF (Électricité de France) Sustainable Design Challenge in 2012.

The team created a suite of designed objects to illustrate new connections made by WeSwarm. One object was a laser-cut map, showing the journey and application system of WeSwarm. The team also conducted field research around NYC by asking the public to express their concerns and ideas for future possibilities in transit technologies. Reports were collected in the form of postcards written to the future. 

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Beyond fieldwork, Natsuki managed the production of the project and created all the strategic maps outlining the core brand elements of WeSwarm, documented the design process, and mapped the details of the application’s user offerings.


Production Timeline

Production Timeline

Process Diagram

Stakeholder Diagram

Stakeholder Diagram


Team: Carlos Yusitis, Hannah Kramm, Juliette Lefort, Leila M. Bakhtiari, and Lou Wright.                     Special contributor: Minh-Nguyet Le.

Special thanks to: WenChing Li for the second promo video,  Medhi Salehi for prototype model, and Kakee Scott and Nadia Elrokhsy for the guidance and support.

Role: Project manager, design research, workshop planning, concept development, video editing, and documentation.

* WeSwarm was selected as the finalists for the annual EDF (Électricité de France) Sustainable Design Challenge in 2012, and showcased in the EDF Pavilion during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

* Further developed concept of WeSwarm was showcased at EDF Design booth at Biennales Internationales Design de Saint-Étienne in March 2013.